Offer terms and conditions

  1. Offer is valid for a min. order value of Rs. 1000 or more excluding shipping charges.
  2. Shipping will be billed as normally to every order and no cash back will be made for the same.
  3. Every eligible order will get the assured 100% cashback,
  4. Cashback will be given in the form of Online store vouchers only which can be used at only.
  5. Voucher value would be of Rs. 100 only .
  6. Each voucher can be applied multiple no. of times upto the maximum value of the original order from which this voucher was generated.
  7. Only one voucher can be applied to any new order. Multiple Vouchers cannot be applied to the same order .
  8. Vouchers can be gifted to  your near and dear ones who can use them subject to their being valid and active at the time of applying.
  9. Vouchers will remain valid for 6 months from the date of issue, and no extension request will be entertained in case of non-usage of the vouchers.
  10. In case of dispute, IoStar Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (Owner of brand) decision will be treated as final.
  11. A voucher cannot be used in conjugation with other vouchers and other offers.
  12. The offer will be applied and withdrawn on company’s descretion.
  13. A voucher cannot be used on COD (Cash On Delivery) order.
  14. Voucher will be emailed to you on your order email id after the order has been delivered and accepted by the customer.